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Professional Roofing Solutions in East York, Toronto

An effective roofing system doesn’t just look good, it also protects your property against the elements. At ROOF.TO, we provide all kinds of roofing solutions and services in East York, Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our skilled roofing professionals have acquired the best education and training in this field to ensure quality and reliable workmanship for you. Our work done with high profile clients is a testament to our quality and skill. Our team focuses on attention to detail and believes in getting everything done the right way in the most efficient manner. To get a sturdy new roof for your home or commercial property in Toronto, call our team today , and we will assist you through all your requirements.

Why Choose ROOF.TO?

At ROOF.TO, we have the most exceptionally prepared experts in the business working for us in East York, Toronto. The owner of our organization trained and learned at a specialized school in Langley for a very long time before he fully committed, what seems like on a forever basis, to dominating the craft of flat roofing. We give an assortment of roofing assistance in Toronto to not only residential and business clients but also homeowners in need, through our Raising the Roof activity. We are the go-to place in East York for altered bitumen and flat rooftop arrangements. At the same time, we also hold sufficient expertise in TPO and PVC/single-utilize rooftops.

A Little Bit About Our Raising the Roof Initiative

Giving back to society is something that we at ROOF.TO immensely believe in.  Once a year, our team looks for a local homeowner who is in need of any roofing or construction assistance in Toronto that they, unfortunately, can’t afford due to any reason. Through charitable donations and crowd volunteering, we provide those services at minute or no cost to help the people in need. Our services will be of the best quality and delivered professionally. We won't compromise on any front. We will, in all sense of the term, raise the roof to help someone who really needs it, but isn’t in the position to seek assistance independently.

To know more about our initiative, you can visit our Raising the roof page here , or contact our team members in East York, Toronto, today. 

We Provide Residential and Commercial Roofing in East York

Not only do we provide quality roofing services for residential homes and apartments, but we also provide services for all your industrial and commercial roofing needs in the East York area. As a leading roofing company in Toronto, we have qualified roofers that are able to provide expert services for roof replacement, roof repairs, commercial, and residential roofing for all your needs. 

We Will Provide You with Roofs That Stay Strong

We’re one of the safest and the best roofing companies in Toronto, East York and that is all thanks to our team of experienced professionals who make sure that they always do the work promptly and efficiently. We service all the suburbs of Toronto, as well as the Durham, York, Niagara, Mississauga, and Peel regions and can drive for 5-8 hours to get to a site if the work demands it. Whatever your roofing needs, our team can take care of them. No job is too big or too small for us. We are your leading choice for roofers based out of East York, Toronto.

For Us, Customer Satisfaction and Safety Comes First

We do everything that ensures that your roofing needs are met to utmost satisfaction. Roofing is a meticulous task which requires tremendous training and effort, and that is why the entire team at ROOF.TO in Toronto is mentored by our owner, who is an expert in flat roofing techniques and has a specialization from a reputed school in Langley.


Under his guidance, our team is trained and equipped with handling all kinds of difficult roofing problems and we are updated on all the latest knowledge in the field of roofing with access to high quality materials, along with the spirit to deliver all our services seamlessly to your satisfaction.

We Provide Photographic Documentation of our Roofing Work in Toronto

Our team provides you with the photographic documentation of all our roofing work in East York, Toronto, and there is no small printed warranty for you to have a closer look at our work. We understand you’re entrusting us with your residential and commercial property, and that’s why we will make sure we do all that we can to submit the most ideal outcome, utilizing the best materials while applying our expertise in the most efficient way. In case of any material disappointments because of defective workmanship – until the materials used fail themselves – ROOF.TO will assume full liability for the outcome.

Want a Free Roofing Estimate for Your Toronto Property?

Do you want to get something done for your roof in East York, Toronto, but are curious as to what it will cost? At, ROOF.TO we offer free quotes and estimates, which means we won’t charge you on calculating the estimates for your convenience. Our team will perform a quick inspection of the area that you wish to get our services done on, and then provide you with the projected costs to be spent on it, without any extra charges.

24/7 Customer Service in East York, Toronto

Now you don’t have to worry about the time or the day of the week because we at ROOF.TO will be available to you on a 24/7 basis in East York, Toronto. We understand that emergencies can befall when you least expect them to. Which is why to counter any contingency caused by unexpected roofing emergencies, our line is open 24/7 for you to contact us at your convenience. We’ll be there with you in no time.

We Offer the Following Roofing Services in East York, Toronto:

To get a holistic picture of the roofing services we provide in East York, Toronto, give our team a call , and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Roofs That Stay Strong

Thanks to our team of experienced professionals, we are one of the safest and best roofing contractors in Toronto. We service all the suburbs of Toronto, as well as the Durham, York, Niagara, Mississauga, and Peel regions and can drive for 5-8 hours to get to a site if the work demands it. Whatever your roofing needs, our team can take care of them. No job is too big or too small for us.

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