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A Feel-Good Roofing Solution by ROOF.TO

Giving back is a wonderful feeling. At ROOF.TO, we’ve had this vision since our inception. We have launched an initiative called Raising the Roof to do our bit for the community.

Once a year, we will find a local homeowner who is in need of any roofing or construction assistance that they, unfortunately, can’t afford. Through donation and volunteering, we will provide those services at little or no cost to help people in need. Our services will be quality and professional and we won't compromise on any front. We will, in all sense of the term, raise the roof to help someone in need.

Raise the roof - project planning 2019

Know Anyone Who Needs Help?

If you or anyone you know, needs some kind of assistance in the roofing, repairing or construction department and they are struggling financially, feel free to make a recommendation and please fill the form given below. We will make it a point to help the person or family that really needs it.

Thanks for submitting!

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