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For All Roofing Needs in the Niagara Region

ROOF.TO.’s proficient staff have been on call to provide the entrepreneurs and occupants of the Niagara region with the help they need in fixing and solving their roofing issues. Our in-depth knowledge and aptitude can fix and address material roofing issues in an extremely productive and ideal way. Our reliable methodology has assisted nearby building owners in resolving existing troubles, avoiding further damage and saving on costly repairs and services. Choose ROOF.TO to get the right perspective on your roofing issues and we will help you get the bang for your buck.

Common Reasons for Roof Damage in Niagara


Rooftop spills

Blocked eavestroughs

Mould development or stains

Split, rankled, or missing shingles

Dried or split caulking (blazing, vents)

Our Services in Niagara

If your home or office is located in the Niagara region, you should rely on ROOF.TO’s expertise to provide you with complete roofing solutions. We have reliable roofing experts who are promptly accessible during working hours. Trust us with all your rooftop repair and replacement needs like:



Free estimate

Roof replacement

Roof repair

Commercial roofing

Residential roofing


New construction

Call us today to schedule a visit and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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