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Trusted Roofing Solutions in East York, Ontario by ROOF.TO

We are ROOF.TO, a qualified and skilled roofing company in East York, Ontario. For us, customer satisfaction and safety come first and we do everything to ensure that our roofing solutions meet all your needs. The entire team at ROOF.TO is mentored by our owner who is a master of flat roofing techniques and has valuable experience, having studied for 4 years in a premier roofing school in Langley. Under his guidance, our team is equipped with the latest knowledge in the field of roofing, with access to high-quality materials and the spirit to deliver all our services flawlessly.


Why Choose Us

Let’s face it - roofing is not for the weak of heart or those who are inexperienced. Many people have tried their hand at roofing, thinking it would be a good summer job or a profession they may like to pursue as a career. Those who do take their shot at it soon discover it to be a extremely difficult work. The job is hot, it’s dangerous, the hours are long and the trade requires a profound dedication to precision that only a true construction and renovation expert can master. Entering life as a professional roofer either bakes a person to hardened brick or crumbles them to dust. This is why it becomes so important to choose an experienced professional for the job, who knows and enjoys the art of roofing. 

At ROOF.TO, we love our job but we also love the feeling of a hard day’s work. ROOF.TO has worked with several of the country’s leading building envelope engineers to develop a series of specifications that are applied to your building’s actual requirements. 

Our team provides you with the photographic documentation of all our work and there is no small printed warranty. We do everything within our power to commit the best possible work, using the highest quality materials. In the event of any roofing failure due to faulty workmanship – until the materials used fail themselves – ROOF.TO will take full responsibility.

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We are skilled at handling all kinds of roofing issues.

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