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New Construction Services in East York, Toronto

For the normal property holder, it's not entirely obvious the significance of roofing but it is important as a strong rooftop is as significant — maybe considerably more so — than a solid foundation. A very well constructed rooftop is essential to the sturdiness and durability of your home. Asphalt, or bitumen, rooftops may be the go-to for most development organizations and roofers, however they aren't the only material choice at present accessible. For those looking for approaches to improve material in new constructions in Toronto, it's a smart thought to take a gander at various alternatives that may be accessible and we’ll guide you to make that choice.

Based in East York, ROOF.TO is very experienced in dealing with large and small scale new construction projects. Our experts work closely with builders and architects to develop specifications to meet the needs of the project while maintaining the budget. We have an extensive network of quality installers to ensure large scale projects can be completed in a timely manner. However, we also understand that new projects can have delays and work with clients to adapt to their changing schedules and timelines. It is our pleasure to make sure your brand-new building is protected with watertight PVC roofing in East York and other surrounding areas. 

If you have a special concern, do not hesitate to call us to discuss the particulars so we can create the best solution.

A new construction is an unavoidable piece of the roofing business but it’s also an important one and we try our level best to ensure, when introducing a rooftop on another development project, that everything is done accurately the first run through because this accuracy will save you a lot of money in the longer run. We will make sure you get the best roofing solution in Toronto even when it comes to a new construction and we will do so with efficiency, and at the same time, taking the utmost care of safety. 

We pay extreme attention to security and safety since we are always working at heights. Our team ensures that our safety includes wearing proper personal protective equipment. 

We also make sure all the materials that we provide you are of high quality because your roof is a one-time investment and we want you to have the best at all times. Our installations conform to strict standards set out by material manufacturers and consultants to guarantee a long-lasting solution. We can handle any project from large scale subdivisions to small one-off custom home builds. 

Our objective is to provide comprehensive support to our customers - whether it is a small roof repair or a big new construction project. If our customers need us, we will be there to serve them at their location. We assure you that we will do our level best with your new construction, be it residential, commercial, or industrial roofing.

We offer free quotes, so if you’re wondering about the monetary element, we’ll help you out. Contact us, and our team will be right there with you. We also have a 24/7 emergency service for your convenience.

Fully-Trained Roofers in East York, Toronto

Our staff is fully trained and certified to work safely on all projects and provide you with quality roofing in East York and other areas in Toronto. In fact they’re trained and updated on all new techniques. 

Our group of profoundly prepared experts are generally perceived as top specialists in their separate fields. Consequently, ROOF.TO is profoundly pursued to give sound and dependable advice with respect to the best strategy for improving the conditions to guarantee legitimate working and solidness of your rooftop. We offer knowledge into the present status of your rooftop, just as proposals on the most proficient method to best continue with subsequent measures. Every one of our employees is skilled in:


Working at heights

Safely using propane in construction

Hazard awareness

Elevated work platform


We comply with all local laws and ministry of labour requirements while on site at all times. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe work practices, as well as violence and harassment in the workplace.


Whether your commercial roof needs full or partial replacement, repair, preventative treatment or cleaning, we supply you with the information, options, and clarity you require for making educated and wise choices that support the longevity and welfare of your roof. If you plan on installing waterproofing, ventilation, or an air conditioning system, we suggest that you get a sense of protocol or potential deficiencies in your roof before undergoing the process, and we are available to guide your decisions and save potential headaches, time, and money. Please contact us for all your roofing requirements and to discuss any questions you may have and for price estimates in East York and other areas of Toronto. 

We also offer free-estimates, in case you want to get something done but are not sure of what it is going to cost you because we understand the budgetary restraints so call us now !

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Experienced Roofing Contractors

If you’re looking to build a new house or are looking at expanding your subdivisions, you need to trust our experienced roofing contractors!

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