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Flat Roof Replacement Services in East York, Toronto

Roofs are always subject to the natural elemental wear and tear. It is something that simply cannot be avoided, In the event that you notice free, twisting, broken, bargained or missing shingles in the roof of your Toronto property, it very well might be the ideal opportunity for a rooftop substitution. Notwithstanding shingle mileage, a rooftop with harmed or missing flashing, decaying fascia, or a deteriorating deck is likewise in a difficult situation. ROOF.TO gives professional flat roof replacement and rooftop repair services in East York, Toronto. 

The vast majority don't actually give a thought to the rooftop over their heads until it gets a hole! Try not to let it be on stand by until water is pouring through the roof and you need to break out the containers to focus on your rooftop. Roofs have to put up with a lot of wear and tear. Water damage, extreme weather, and aged and worn-out materials - these are all common signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Installing an HVAC, backup generators, exhaust chimneys, or even a skylight can lead to extra stress and damage to your flat roof, sometimes requiring a full roof replacement. At ROOF.TO, we are qualified and equipped with the knowledge and experience to effectively perform roof replacement services for all types of buildings in all of the Toronto region. A 2-ply modified bitumen system is a time tested solution for enhancing your roof, among other applications.


We understand that it is a tough choice to choose between repairing and replacing the roof and for that we also offer inspection and consultation services . So now you can sit back and relax because the inconvenience is done,  we will be there as soon as we can and you can rely on us because your convenience and safety is our foremost priority. 

Have a Look at Our Roofing Procedure

Before we suggest roof replacement to our clients, we first inspect and evaluate the extent of damage and the subsequent repairs that need to be done. We then procure quality branded products and abide by manufacturer guidelines to ensure that you get a sturdy, accurate roof replacement service. We provide a wide choice of products and services for you to select from. Finally, if there is any maintenance or replacement that needs to be done post the procedure, we are available 24/7 on our emergency helpline service.

Onsite Roof Inspection 

Before we suggest roof replacement to our client, we first inspect and evaluate the extent of damage and subsequent repairs that need to be done. Despite the fact that there are clear visual signs that demonstrate the requirement for a replacement, there is frequently more to the issue than meets the eye. Our prepared undertaking assessors check everything before telling you the best way forward. 

Procurement of Good Quality Products

After accessing and explaining the client, we then move on to the procurement of high quality branded products abiding by the manufacture guidelines to ensure that  you get a sturdy and accurate roofing repairs in East York, Toronto. We will make sure we bring to you a wide variety of products to choose from and depending on your choice we’ll move forward. 

Replacement: The Final Step

Now that we’ve procured everything, it’s time for us to get to the actual work. Our experts work their best to provide you with a strong roof because we understand that it’s a one time  investment. Not only this after the procedure, if there’s any maintenance or replacement that needs to be done, we’ll be available 24/7 for emergency services.

Fully-Trained Roofers in East York, Toronto

Our staff is fully trained and certified to work safely on all projects and provide you with quality roofing in East York and other areas in Toronto. In fact they’re trained and updated on all new techniques. 

Our group of profoundly prepared experts are generally perceived as top specialists in their separate fields. Consequently, ROOF.TO is profoundly pursued to give sound and dependable advice with respect to the best strategy for improving the conditions to guarantee legitimate working and solidness of your rooftop. We offer knowledge into the present status of your rooftop, just as proposals on the most proficient method to best continue with subsequent measures. Every one of our employees is skilled in:


Working at heights

Safely using propane in construction

Hazard awareness

Elevated work platform


We comply with all local laws and ministry of labour requirements while on site at all times. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe work practices, as well as violence and harassment in the workplace.

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Have a Leak?

It may be a sign that your flat roof is in urgent need of replacement.

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